Advanced engineering solutions from V&R energy for enhancing reliability

The V&R is a research, consulting, and technology company in California. Since its invention, the V&R energy is expertise in research and development, software development and provides training services for the regional transmission companies and electric utilities. This company is also a superior provider of advanced power system engineering solutions for enhancing the reliability, stability, as well as resilience of distribution networks and electrical transmission. To know more about this company, you can simply visit a following link

In addition, the energy tools given by this organization are widely utilized in planning the environments and real time operations that include massive AC contingency analysis, small signal stability, phase angle limit calculations, cascade outage analysis, small signal stability, limit based solutions, decide the network operating boundaries, transient and voltage stability analysis and oscillation analysis and so on. The software solutions of V&R energy are widely utilized in operations, planning and real time environments.

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The real time environments of V&R energy solutions

The V&R energy usually provides three kinds of solutions such as hybrid safety evaluation applications, safety evaluation application and conventional SCADA based state evaluation, and PMU based applications, linear state evaluation, hybrid safety evaluation applications, and hybrid state estimator. One of the real time environments of V&R energy solutions is massive contingency analysis. This majorly focused on enhance the computational speed of solving the problems in the real time environment. The massive analysis module usually expand core computing modules to operate the parallelized as well as massive stimulations over a complete system and also evaluate a lot of evolving analysis that requires around e-mobility and renewable from the massive contingency analysis.

Enhance your business with V&R energy system software solutions

The V&R energy organization has invented a hybrid voltage stability approach that combines PMU and SE data for the voltage stability analysis. This hybrid approach is invented as follows such as fixed reactive power consumption and voltage angle, measurements supplied by the devices and also power flow equations are solved. It also finds the boundary values of power injections, power flows, and phase angles and so on. The utilization of PMU data within this limit can maximizes the situational alertness of operators. This V&R energy also provides vast range of sophisticated scientific research, system software applications for the inclusive power system analysis, inclusive electrical power system software solution both in real time and offline. For more details, you can take a look at